Ball season in Vienna

Vienna is a world's capital of balls. It is held not less than 450 balls every year. There are remarkable events with waltz, beautiful music, luxurious outfits, huge halls and refined drinks.

The season of balls in the Austrian capital begins on November 11, but the most colourful and memorable events take place in January and February. In Vienna everyone dances in any style - if you think that for a ball you are too old or too young, or maybe you do not like waltz or classical music – don´t worry, because in one hall you can dance a waltz, and in another you can have fun in disco style and no one will disturb anyone. Polonaise, quadrille, polka, waltz - everyone dances!

In Vienna you can find balls for all tastes: Rudolfina Ball, Philharmonic Orchestra Ball, Flower Ball, Candy Ball, balls for representatives of all sorts of professions and classes, charity balls, Russian Ball.
Vienna will present to any traveller the most fabulous, unforgettable and unusual dance impressions.
So the desire to visit a real ball is no longer a pipedream - it is very simple and not too expensive to perform, just choose a day, buy a cheap plane ticket and welcome to the fable.