Rare stones of ALMAZ. Cat eye.

"Cat's Eye" has a distinguishing glassy shine, and an overflow, that resembles an iris of a real cat's eye. If you turn the stone, due to the presence of microvustices, a legible streak of light appears on it. This effect was first described by the French mineralogist, and the creator of the crystallography René Just Haüy in the late 18th century.
Most of the people don’t know, that the "cat's eye" is not the name, but an effect gaming out from special stone processing, this cutting shape called “cabochon”. Such an effect can have some stones like topaz, opal, beryl, chrysoberyl, tourmaline, aquamarine.
Its well-known, that monarchs have always been a trend-setters, so it happened with the "cat's eye": the stone became very popular after the British prince Arthur presented it as an engagement present to his fiancée Princess Louise Margarita of Prussia.
After that, a stone, which no one paid attention to before, became desirable for the nobility and ordinary people. From that day the exploration for a new, and developing of existing deposits began.
ALMAZ owns a ring with an oval-shaped chrysoberyl, with a cat's eye effect , weighing 18 grams. If you are attracted by unkommon pieces of jewellery, then you should definitely pay attention to this ring!