Rare stones of ALMAZ. Star sapphire.

The classic sapphire in a common view is an exceptionally blue shiny stone, but its colour is not always the same. In fact, the range of shades is quite diverse, and you can find not only purple-blue, or colourless one, but also green, orange, pink, yellow sapphire. If you like unique things, you should pay attention to our blue sapphire ring- it is one of the kind item, that would definitely be an eye-catcher, and would be a standing out piece among all of your jewellery. This legendary stone has become an object of desire for many people with a sophisticated taste. An effect of a star on the stone is achieved due to accumulation of titanium dioxide crystals in a mineral structure: the needles are situated at an angle to each other, forming a hexagonal star. This is fairly rare type of sapphire, characterized by the effect of asterism, when lighting a stone at a certain angle. Upon closer examination of such a crystal, it may seem that a star of six rays “floats” on its surface. But for this purpose the source of natural light should be straight, and the stone should be rotated at different angles. A qualitative sapphire should have clear rays in different amounts, if this is not the case, the stone loses its value, and the inclusion of titanium dioxide are insignificant and disjointed. Once you see a star sapphire in a real live, you would never forget it!